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Announcing: A Pain Free Process for Writing Your ‘About’ Page

Let’s be honest …

What’s your About page like?

Does it make you and your team mates likeable? Does it attract the right clients to your business?

The Unconventional Way to Market Your Business

Do you make unconventional choices for your business?

What’s different about you and your business?

How do you stand out?

Making unusual choices has always been quite easy for me.

How to Mess Up Your Website

Does your website need a Spring clean?

Cluttered. Noisy. Busy.

Some websites look like the bedroom I had when I was a teenager:

The Delusion of Web Visitor Numbers

Do you care about eyeballs or people?

Page views. Web visitors. Social media shares. Email subscribers.

I love looking at the trends.

When Compromise Fails

Do compromises make your website bland?

You might have wondered… about my weird name.

You pronounce it like Heh-nuh-kuh.

Is Your Sales Copy Jinxed by the Curse of Knowledge?

Have these evil eyes jinxed your sales copy?

Jinxes. Evil eyes. Withcraft?

Yep, a curse most of us suffer from.

A Rebel’s View on Web Design Conventions

I took a break from universityto travel through China.

I’m quite rebellious.

Just ask my Dad.

How to Start Writing Sales Copy

How do you start writing?

Maybe write a headline first?

Oh no. Please, don’t do that.

The Stupidity of “Click Here”

Do your readers listen when you tell them to click?


It was a stupid mistake. But I made it. A few times.

You may have seen something like this in one of my emails:

The Amazing Power of a Subtle Nod

Would you like more readers to agree with you?

Like to learn a new trick today?

* barely noticeable nod *