Guest articles

Henneke Duistermaat, the founder of Enchanting Marketing, has contributed to several high-profile marketing blogs. A selection of articles:

How to become a better writer

How to write seductive sales copy like Apple (KISSmetrics)
How to use the persuasive power of mini-stories (KISSmetrics)
11 ways to bore the boots off your readers (Copyblogger)
How to avoid the destructive power of adjectives (KISSmetrics)
58 ways to create persuasive content your audience will love (Copyblogger)

How to create visual content

28 easy ideas for visual blog content your customers will love (Crazy Egg)
19 warning signs your infographic stinks (KISSmetrics)

Content marketing tips

49 ways to gain the trust and loyalty of your audience (Copyblogger)
How to use the power of Kindle to build your business (Copyblogger)
37 tips for writing emails that get opened, read, and clicked (Copyblogger)
How to become an influential writer in the age of Author Rank (Copyblogger)

Blogging tips

5 ways to bond with your blog’s audience (Copyblogger)
The sin of originality and the truth about building a popular blog (Boost Blog Traffic)
11 reasons your blog is on a road to nowhere (ProBlogger)
7 ways to fascinate your readers (Boost Blog Traffic)
11 common blogging mistakes that are wasting your audience’s time (Copyblogger)

Interviews with Henneke

The seductive writing tips that leave readers begging for more (Forbes)
Blog to Win Business – Part I (Podcast with Greg Elwell)
Blog to Win Business – Part II (Podcast with Greg Elwell)