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Is This Important Sales Message Missing on Your Website?

Lamborghini in a car showroom

You’re reading this. Right?

It’s crazy.

David Ogilvy wrote about this. And so did Joe Sugarman. And John Caples.

Can you imagine a more knowledgeable trio of copywriters?

But many web writers ignore their advice. Even experienced web writers stupidly miss this chance to sell more.

What’s it?


Your web visitors usually read your captions before reading your copy, before scanning your bullet points, and even before checking your sub headlines.

Captions are irresistible because looking at an image compels people to read its caption.

Having no captions is like admiring a yellow Lamborghini in a car showroom, and the car salesman doesn’t bother to tell you anything about it. That’s unheard of, isn’t it?

Image credit: Harry_nl (adapted)

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