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How to Write Sales Copy like a Blockbuster Movie

Directing a movie with your sales copy

Is your sales copy directing a mental movie?

Remember the last action movie you saw?

The sound of screeching car tires hurting your ears. A bloody fight – maybe you almost tasted blood in your mouth? And did your heart rate go up during the scariest scenes?

Now, how does that relate to sales copy?

Your sales copy needs to direct a mental movie as advertising veteran Drew Eric Whitman says. Increase the intensity of your copy by appealing to your reader’s feelings. Take up more brain processing power by appealing to his senses.

How? Use emotional words like magical or boring as hell. Or use sensory words:

Dazzling or hazy
Sizzling or chirpy
Sticky or fuzzy
Bland or sweet
Smelly or stinky

And yep, you can also use these words if you don’t sell physical products… a rough day, smooth software, and a dazzling presentation.

Make your sales copy as captivating as a blockbuster movie.

Image credit: jphintze (adapted)


  1. Deborah Gabriel says:

    I like the brevity of your posts, you cram a lot of very useful info into quickly digestible bites; i.e. you practice what your preach, bravo.

    • Thank you, Deborah. I do my best not to waffle 😉
      I appreciate you’ve taken the time to leave a comment.

  2. Henneke, thanks for this post. You’re a great help. Have a smooth weekend

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