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Voice in Writing:

How to Stand Out in a Sea of Grey Content

Voice in Writing - Enchanting Marketing TutorialLet’s be honest.

Does your content really sound like you? Do readers recognize your writing?

A strong voice helps your content stand out; it pulls reader closer to you because they feel like they know you. When they read your emails, blog posts, or sales pages, it’s like they hear your voice.

Engaging readers with a unique voice may sound like an impossible task, but it’s not as difficult as you might think.

What is a writer’s voice?

When reading, we get a sense of a writer’s personality. This is what we refer to as voice. Word choice, sentence length, and rhythm help define your voice.

Strictly speaking, voice is not the same as tone. Just like when you talk, the tone of your writing can vary depending on your mood and your audience. A press release for a new product, for instance, brims with enthusiasm and excitement, while an email apologizing for a service disruption is more humble. The tone is different, but the voice remains the same.

A brand voice is the sense of personality or company culture we notice in the communication from one company. It’s like the collective voice of everyone representing the brand, and it’s often referred to as tone of voice.

While a writer’s voice usually evolves organically, a brand voice is carefully planned and described in its brand guidelines.

Why voice is important

Online competition is fierce. A search on Google for web developer, for instance, generates 14,500,000 results; a search for financial adviser generates a whopping 53,900,000 results, and when you search for online marketing coach you get 40,900,000 results.

How can you stand out?

Your voice humanizes your content and makes readers feel like they’re getting to know you. When your voice resonates with potential clients, they want to work with you because of who you are. Your competition becomes irrelevant because no one sounds like you.

A unique voice helps you stand out from your competition.

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How to find your voice

You might think your voice is innate, but finding your voice through self-exploration is a hard and long-winded process.

A faster way to develop your voice is to imitate your heroes. As bestselling author Austin Kleon suggests: “Steal like an artist.”

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The two key elements of a writer’s voice

What do you need to look for when developing your voice?

The two articles below explain the two main elements influencing your voice: word choice and rhythm.

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Creative writing exercises to find your voice

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Simple writing tricks for making your voice stronger

Does your writing still feel a little feeble? Or a little too boring?

Check the two articles below and learn how to make your voice more powerful and more conversational.

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Use metaphors to create a unique voice

Metaphors are one of the most powerful tools in your writer’s toolbox.

Metaphors help you communicate your ideas. They allow you to touch on the same topics multiple times. Without boring your readers.

Metaphors can also draw readers closer to you, because they give a glimpse of who you are.

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Become a voice of authority in your industry

Do regular readers know what you stand for? Do your ideas pull your readers closer to you?

Having a strong voice is not just about how you write, it’s also about how you connect with your community and about what you write: your ideas, your mission, the themes in your work.

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