A Pain Free Process for Writing Your ‘About’ Page

How to Boost Your Credibility and Ooze Personality

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Ebook Write Your About Us Page 3DLet’s be honest …

What’s your About page like?

Does it make you and your team mates likeable? Does it attract the right clients to your business? Does it help you sell your products and services?

Writing an About page seems tough. Even experienced copywriters can feel stumped when writing their own About Me page. The blank page is intimidating—especially when you have to write about yourself.

How do you let your personality shine through? How do you list your achievements without sounding like a windbag?

This guide helps you get unstuck

You follow a simple process for crafting your About page.

First, you learn the 4 essential elements of tantalizing pages: What’s in it for them?, Credibility, Personality, and Call to action. Next, you learn how to avoid sounding like a self-centered blabbermouth and how to create a flow to engage your readers.

the Chef's CheatsheetOnce you understand what makes an About page crappy and what makes it delightfully engaging, we help you write your page:

  • Ignite your creativity and make writing about yourself a breeze by answering the 23 questions in The Chef’s Cheat Sheet
  • Get inspiration from examples and mix your ideas to write a first draft
  • Apply specific editing tricks for About pages as outlined in The Connoisseur’s Checklist

Glen LongThis guide cuts through the fluff and teaches you step-by-step how to write what is possibly the most important page on your website – your About page. It’s packed with specific examples and practical advice, all delivered in a friendly and engaging style, and turns a potentially daunting task into a fun and easy process.

I particularly loved the way Henneke and Julia not only answered the big questions, like “What are the essential components of an effective About page?” but also the smaller details that many people fret over, like “Should I write about myself in the first person (I) or third person (he or she)?”

If your current About page isn’t producing results (or, worse still, you don’t have one at all) this fantastic guide will help you create an authentic, personality-filled page that helps people see you as someone they want to work with.

~ Glen Long, Managing Editor, Boost Blog Traffic

What’s included in this guide?

bonus ebook Select Images for About Us PageThis guide helps you write your About page step by step. Pain free.

First, you learn what makes an About page good. Then you follow our suggestions to mix, cook, and garnish your own About page.

This is included:

  • Guidance on planning, writing, and editing your About page
  • Annotated examples to understand the flow of a good About page
  • Snippets and quotes from About pages to inspire your content
  • The Chef’s Cheat Sheet—worksheets to help brainstorm ideas
  • The Connoisseur’s Checklist—specific editing tips for About pages
  • Bonus emails to help you stay on track, so you will write and publish a page you’re proud of (no excuses!)
  • Bonus ebook: Set the Mood: How to Select Images With Personality

Percolation makes content tastier, so we suggest you use this guide to write your page over a period of 5 days. Of course, you can go faster or take more time. You’re in charge. You get instant access to the guide and your bonus material.

More praise for “A Pain Free Guide for Writing Your ‘About’ Page”

Pamela WilsonOne of the most common questions I get from people who are building a web presence is “What should I say on my About page?” Even the most experienced copywriter breaks out in a sweat when they need to write copy about themselves or their own business!

What I love about “A Pain Free Process for Writing Your ‘About’ Page” is that the process is broken down into easy-to-understand steps. The result? An About page that shares the best about what you offer, and leaves potential customers intrigued, and wanting to learn more.

I highly recommend this ebook. Once you read it and work through the steps, you will have what it takes to craft an About page that works to boost your business.

~ Pamela Wilson, Vice President of Educational Content, Copyblogger Media

David BourneI didn’t think I needed an ebook to help me rewrite my About page. But now that I’ve read Henneke and Julia’s book, I’m excited to dig back into my About page, which I’d been putting off for a while.

The numerous examples from other sites make a huge difference, and hand-drawn illustrations are a trip. (Talk about personality!) But most of all, the step-by-step process helps me reboot my energy for recreating that super important page.

~ David Bourne, Bourne Media

Carol TiceHenneke and Julia make writing your About page a cinch with easy recipe-style steps. If you’re stumped on your About page, I highly recommend this ebook.

~ Carol Tice, Make a Living Writing

SharonTantonI know from my work as a copywriter and from running a business that the About Us page is the hardest one of all to write on any web project. How do you get the tone of voice right? How do you get personality into the page without writing stuff that makes you cringe?

This illustrated guide tells you step by easy step how to do it. It’s fun, practical, and will get you there quickly. I love it!

~ Sharon Tanton, Creative Director, Valuable Content

Is this the right guide for you?

This guide is not intended for marketers at conglomerates with a maze of business units and an army of stakeholders. If that’s you, hire a good copywriter to write your page for $1,000 or more.

This guide is for small business owners, solo-flyers, and freelancers who need to stand out in a crowded market place. Use this guide to write a page from scratch or add sparkle to an existing About page.

Steal the writing tricks from pro copywriters for a fraction of their hiring fee and write your own About page. No copywriting experience required.

Price: $39

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This offer includes:


  • Instant access to your ebook A Pain Free Process for Writing Your ‘About’ Page
  • FREE bonus ebook Set the Mood: How to Select Images With Personality
  • FREE bonus emails to keep you on track to write and publish an About page you’re happy with
  • 100% satisfaction: 30 day “no quibble” money back guarantee


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Todd MacPherson

This is a great resource full of all kinds of useful tips and practical steps one can take to create a winning about page.


I go back again and again to Henneke's book and emails. So many useful tips that continue to improve my writing. I use her book and articles like a checklist when editing drafts and sales copy. Thanks for the excellent material.

Daron Kanoa

Your products helped me to refocus. It isn't about WHAT to put on the page, but more along the lines of teaching me how to THINK. Powerful stuff coupled with simple yet brilliant hacks. Worth well more than your asking price (but thanks for keeping it where it is) 🙂

Samantha Hicks

I was hesitant about buying this book because I thought it was a bit expensive. I’m stoked I got it anyway.

A friend had asked me to rewrite her about page and I wasn’t sure how to start. I had researched a couple of about pages and was trying to analyse what worked and what didn’t, but with Henneke and Julia’s book this isn’t necessary - because they’ve done the work for you. Henneke and Julia analyse several about pages and show you what makes these examples engaging and effective.

There are lots of questions to answer before you write the first draft, but I didn’t find going through these difficult. They made the writing process easier.

Not only is the advice in the book valuable, but it's fun to read.

And the results? My friend loved the about page I wrote and is going to use it on her website.

Kathy Keats

I have read a tremendous amount of material to improve my marketing and website, and without a doubt, Henneke & Julia have created the most understandable step-by-step guide I have seen yet. I was able to apply their advice immediately. In addition to being incredibly knowledgable, they are talented teachers. Thank you.

James Longley

Henneke and Julia make writing what can be a really tricky part of your website manageable and genuinely pain-free. The guide is proof of the old copywriting adage that 'great copy isn't written, it's assembled'. Over 5 days you'll come to understand what your About page is meant to achieve, what elements it needs to contain and how to lay it out for maximum impact. Henneke's illustrations make understanding the concepts really simple and the example page layouts help you make sense of the storyline and flow your page needs. The highlight is definitely the questions to ask yourself when collecting and assembling your messages.

Tracy Gillett

Henneke and Julia's advice is spot-on when it comes to writing your About Page. I was making all the "classic" mistakes, writing about me, when really I should have been writing about my reader. I had been putting off writing this page of my website - putting it in the "too-hard basket" and feeling intimidated. But the approach Henneke and Julia lay out makes it easier - small, bite size chunks to cross of each day and before you know it, it's done. The examples at the end of the book were especially helpful. I kept referring back to them comparing my page as I went. The email support is also a great motivator. I'd highly recommend this book, it's well worth the investment.


I was overwhelmed by all the questions and did not think it was a painless process

Virginia Duran

This guide is the perfect tool for writing an effective about page in record time, no matter the field. As an architect, I found this guide extremely useful.

Monica Sackman

Henneke, Your "pain free process" was just what I needed. I literally have been working on getting my blog going for a year. I wrote and rewrote my about page but it either sounded cheesy or too formal. I continued to put off writing my about page (which meant not launching my blog or writing business) until I received your email inviting me to take the course. You made it seem so easy, like having a conversation with a new acquaintance. The examples you used were very helpful, not only in clarifying what I should be writing, but in understanding that each about page will look/sound a little different depending on the person, product or business it represents. That's the whole point, isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

Jennifer Jackson

This book really helped me write an about page that "fit" me. I was able to sound like myself, and helped me strike the correct tone for my page. Highly recommended!

Yvonne Kiely

"A Pain Free Process for Writing Your About Page" is exactly that.

It made re-writing my About page both painless and an easy to follow step-by-step process. It explains the 4 essential ingredients with real examples and the details behind why they work.

After following the book's advice, my page is more relevant, less BORING and more natural sounding than my first one.

It's an easy read, full of valuable insights. I highly recommend it.

Paul Kennedy

This book is a great tutorial. The purpose and focus of the About page is made clear from the start. The detailed 'cheat sheet' makes getting the information together for the page easy. The examples from actual About pages are highly informative. Cannot recommend it too highly ... congrats to the authors


Very happy! Thanks for this exhaustive list. Best wishes.

Bob Jones, Tiny Saddle Maker

I am working on the outline.

I do like your presentation and following your instructions is easy. No overthinking and definitely not getting overwhelmed. Just outline and write it. Keeping the reader in clear focus and what I can do for him/her makes the process so much easier and just as important fun. Thank you Henneke.


As a previous Web Content Manager for a Fortune 500 company and a major university, I'd studied all the "how-tos" and had written content for many websites. When I began freelancing and needed to develop content for my own website, however, I was stymied. What the heck could I say about ME that got my point(s) across without making me sound like I had an ego the size of Alaska? Or that I was silly. Or that I was trying too hard.

Julia's and Henneke's Pain-Free Process not only guided me through the process - they made it fun! They provide a lot of terrific concepts that they relay with humor. And the examples are great! It's a breakthrough experience no matter what your experience in writing Web pages!

Daniëlle Molenaar

I have literally ravished Henneke’s ebook ‘A Pain Free Process for Writing Your ‘About’ Page’ from beginning to end. It’s a delightfully easy-to-read and practical guide, with a lot of extra’s. Writing an engaging 'About' page is tough - but not with this guide. Definitely a must read!

I also highly recommend following Henneke’s ‘Snackable Writing Course’. Henneke’s ‘Snacks’ are brilliant practical writing tips, that I have added to my SEO copywriting checklist.

Barry Desautels

The step by step detail on how to write an effective About page is excellent. The order is logical and easy to follow. Good examples, very clear instructions. Definitely a keeper.

Thank you, Henneke and Julia.

Annamarie Muirhead

The content was extremely valuable to me at the exact moment in time I needed to write something in that sense and could not figure out how.

There certainly is nothing I could say in a negative sense. The book is great value.

Christine Fortin

Easy to follow.

Bart Schroeven

Henneke's e-course was instrumental in creating the new version of my 'about' page.

I had wanted to improve my page for quite some time. This course provided me with the advice and, more importantly, with the gentle push and motivation I needed to get the job done.

It made me think about what the essence is of the work I do. And then it helped me to put that into actual words.

Instead of the usual and weak 'hello, this is me' page you see on way too many websites, I now have a much stronger page. It's another doorway for potential clients, newsletter subscribers or blog readers into my world.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants an about page that's NOT crappy, boastful or self-centred, but genuine, engaging and helpful.

Elvire Smith

This is THE ‘must-have’ guide for anyone who understands the importance of optimizing their web site. Though targeted at the About Page, optimized text can be used for any of the social media. Written in easy bit-sized instructions, Henneke and Julia have created an essential tool for building your online business.

This guide jumpstarted my career. Thank you.

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  • FREE bonus ebook Set the Mood: How to Select Images With Personality
  • FREE bonus emails to keep you on track to write and publish an About page you’re happy with
  • 100% satisfaction: 30 day “no quibble” money back guarantee


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