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Negative Self-Talk? Here’s How I Made Peace With My Inner Critic

My inner critic thumbnail

Oh my, it’s sooooo frustrating.

You’ve worked your socks off. Your new article is nearly ready. You’ve polished your words. You’ve created the images.

You only need to write an opening paragraph.

But you can’t do it.

Rhythm in Writing: How to Make Your Words Swing and Swirl

rhythm in writing thumbnail

Do you know whether your writing jigs or jives? Waltzes or boogies? Struts or strolls?

Most business writers ignore the power of rhythm.

Free Checklist: 25 Copywriting Essentials Everyone in Business Must Know

copywriting checklist thumbnail

It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

You’ve read a few books on copywriting, and many many blog posts.

Heck, you’ve even followed a copywriting course.

But when you sit down to write your own copy?

Does Your Business Content Seduce Readers to Get Closer … and Buy From You?

business content thumbnail

We all know the feeling.

You’ve been writing and writing, and writing.

And then, one day, you step back.

Doubts bubble up inside you.

Distracted Readers? Use These 6 Transition Tricks For a Smooth Reading Experience

transitional phrases and sentences thumbnail

I bet it has happened to you.

You’re reading an article online. After a few seconds, you can’t remember what you’re reading and why. You’ve lost track.

The Old-School Way for Making Money From Your Blog

Make money from your blog thumbnail

You can call me old-fashioned.

I like writing postcards. Licking a stamp. Walking to the nearest postbox.

5 Ways to Make Your Words More Powerful (and Get Readers to Listen, Act and Buy)

how to add power to your words thumbnail

It’s a communicator’s worst nightmare.

Mine, too.

You have ideas to share, but nobody listens.

How to Nudge Readers to Buy … by Mixing Facts and Emotion

mixing facts and emotion thumbnail

You treat your readers like grown-ups, right?

You give them all the information they need to make a choice. Your copy sounds smooth. Your words seem perfect.

How to Avoid the Destructive Power of Clichés

cliches in writing thumbnail

It can happen to the best communicators.

We do our best to write valuable and lively content. We keep our writing to the point, and try to entertain our readers.

And of course we know we should avoid clichés and buzzwords.

Can You Triple Your Persuasive Powers With This Humble Writing Technique?

humble writing technique - thumbnail

Does the idea of selling make you choke?

Does selling remind you of cheap aftershave, an ill-fitting suit, and a cigar?

If you’d believe in reincarnation, then salesmen would return as slimy, slippery worms.