A Simple Trick to Turn Features Into Benefits (and Seduce Readers to Buy!)

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You love what you’re doing, don’t you?

When you talk about your business, you have a sparkle in your eye.

You love sharing your knowledge. And your enthusiasm is contagious. That’s what your friends and clients tell you.

But are knowledge and enthusiasm enough to sell your products or services?
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3 Tricks to Entice Busy People to Read Your Content … Word-by-Word

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The odds are against us.

As bloggers we don’t seem to have much chance.

People rarely read web pages word-by-word.

You know that, don’t you?
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A 61-Point Website Checklist to Avoid Pesky Content Failures

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Your head is spinning.

How many web pages do you need?

What do you write on each page?
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97+ Marketing Opportunities You’re Neglecting (and Why You Shouldn’t Care)

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At 9pm, you’re updating your to-do list. Your last job for the day.

You’ve ticked off the action points you’ve completed; and you moved the uncompleted to-do’s to tomorrow.

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A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Landing Page Copy That Woos Web Visitors

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Conversion rate optimization. A/B testing. Heatmaps. Writing copy that converts.

Do we really need to?

As a business owner, you have a lot of other things to do.
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How to Make Boooring Blog Posts Engaging, Interesting, and Fun

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Imagine writing a tutorial-style blog post.

You explain a series of important steps.

You edit until your voice sounds dynamic. You tighten your text.

But you’re still worried. Because your post isn’t exactly sparkling. It’s just a simple how-to.
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How to Beat Quiet-Blog-Syndrome and Drive Traffic to a New Blog

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You’re working your socks off.

You write compelling headlines.

Your blog posts are conversational. Your content is uber-useful.

And still … just a handful of readers turns up.
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7 Curiously Compelling Reasons to Start a Business Blog

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Why are you writing a business blog?

Your answer might be to build authority, to grow web traffic, to raise your fees, and to win more customers.

And sure, these are all valid reasons.
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How to Create a Dynamic Voice and Add Personality to Your Writing

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Yeah, yeah.

Every blogging expert tells us to add personality to our writing. And to develop a distinct voice.

But how exactly?
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How to Write Zesty Soundbites (and Make Your Blog Posts Memorable)

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What phrases linger in your mind for days?

Which lines can you remember after months or even years?
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