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3 Creative Writing Exercises: How to Put That Zing-Kapow in Boring Business Content

3 Creative Writing Exercises - thumbnail


Ever read your draft content and feel it lacks a spark?

Let’s be honest. A lot of business content is rather meh.

A Pain-Free Process for Writing Seductive Sales Copy

A pain-free copywriting process - thumbnail

Oh my.

Writing copy is hard, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there.

You’re staring at a blank sheet. You try to conjure up your headline. But the words won’t come.

17 Ways to Suck the Spirit Out of Your Solo-Biz

How to Suck the Spirit out of Your Solo-Biz - thumb nail

What happened to that feeling of excitement when you started your own biz?

And what about your sense of freedom?

I remember driving to the office on the last day of my corporate career.

I dreaded the day. The speeches. The goodbyes. The tears.

How to Write With So Much Passion That Readers Beg to Hire You

How to Write with Passion thumbnail

Have you ever listened to a passionate speaker?


Was their enthusiasm contagious?

3 Ways to Use the Persuasive Power of Emotions in Your Sales Copy

How to Write with Emotion Thumbnail

You’ve probably seen traditional sales pages, dripping with persuasive tricks.

This week, you can lose 2 stone.

Next week, you can triple your online income.

They promise to reveal their so-called secrets.

Does it make you feel icky?

A Crazy Girl’s Guide to Outsmarting Writer’s Block

how to beat writers block - thumbnail

Imagine waking up full of excitement.

The sun is shining, and you have a great idea for your next article.

If you write your article quickly, you can go out and enjoy the spring weather. Yay!

How to Be Unique (Even If You Don’t Feel Special)

how to be unique - thumbnail

I’m a little embarrassed to write about being unique.

As a concept, I understand we’re all unique.

Each of our lives is different.

How to Write Compelling Business Content: The #1 Tip From Fiction Writers

Show don't tell thumbnail

Yeah, yeah.

Sometimes we read a marketing text, and all we can think is Yeah, yeah. It sounds okay, but we don’t quite believe it.

Do you know what I mean?

A Nimble 5-Step Plan to Create a Must-Read Blog (Without Going Crazy!)

How to Write Faster


Do you ever wonder what happened to your week?

More and more you’re running around, unsatisfied with your achievements.

Fear of Failure? Here’s How I Changed My Perspective

fear of failure thumbnail

Have you heard the heroic stories about people quitting their jobs?

They follow their passion. They’re on a mission to improve the world. Full of energy and drive. Brimming with confidence.