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How to Write a Seductive Sales Email (Without Feeling Icky)

After many years of writing pain, Hannah has started to enjoy writing.

She loves sharing her ideas. She loves inspiring her readers. She loves blogging.

But there’s one writing task she hates.

And that’s writing sales emails.

99 Strong Verbs to Make Your Content Pop, Fizz and Sparkle

Do you ever read text and wonder …

Why do the words jump off this page?

Why does this writing feel energetic and strong?

Why is it so fast-paced?

And do you wonder why your draft text seems a tad limp in comparison?

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks Their Writing Isn’t Good Enough

When you read content from your favorite writers, what do you think?

Do you want to write like them?

Do you feel embarrassed about the state of your own writing? Do you despair at the gap between how you write and how you would like to write?

Most of us are unhappy with our writing.

We fret. We despair. And we procrastinate.

Storytelling in Blog Posts: How to Add Sparkle and Delight Readers

Hans Green imagines the internet going quiet.

His email subscribers open his email, click through to his post, and then …

They forget about the crazy world for a few minutes. They ignore their Facebook notifications and live news feeds. They don’t even notice their coffee going cold.

Could he write a blog post so good?

It seems unachievable.

But then again … when he was reading the new Jack Reacher thriller, he was gripped by the story. He forgot his exhaustion and read until 3am.

Stuck in a Blogging Rut? Try These 17 Ideas to Spark a Wave of Creativity

Hunter Green is staring at a blank sheet, scratching his head in despair.

Sure, he could write another comprehensive guide.

Or he could write another list with tips.

But frankly speaking, the idea makes him want to puke.

It’s not that lists and guides aren’t useful. His readers seem to read and love his posts.

But Hunter wants to write something different. Something fresh. Something original. Something more valuable than usual. Something that makes his readers deliriously happy.

But what?

What the heck can he write for his blog?

How to Sculpt Concise Sentences (So Your Message Becomes Clear and Strong)

What if writing was like sculpting?

Imagine a huge piece of marble in front of you.

And in your hand, a chisel.

How would you sculpt a beautiful nude?

The 5-Step Revision Process: How to Turn Rickety Writing into Shiny, Smooth Content

On Jan. 2nd, Heather browses her draft articles.

She doesn’t feel like writing a complete blog post. Not this week.

Heather is surprised to find 31 drafts in her folder. Why did she never finish these posts? Surely, she thinks, one of them must be almost ready for publication?

Red-cheeked, with hope in her heart, Heather opens her documents. One by one. She reads an opening here, and scans the subheads there.

Slowly she loses her sense of optimism. These articles are no good …

Do you recognize the feeling?

Do you ever look at a first draft with despair?

How I Learned to Be Me (Finally, at 47 Years Old)

When you look back on 2016, what do you think of?

Do you review the hard facts of your business results?

Do you despair at politics and feel anxious about the world? Do you feel sadness about the people who passed away?

Or do you think of what you learned and discovered?

How to Cherish Your Shitty First Drafts (And Get More Writing Done)

Afraid to produce shoddy writing?

Staring at a blank sheet, you might wonder …

What if you write crap?

What if you’re unable to turn your crappy draft into decent content?

What if you’re wasting your time?

Getting started with your next piece of content can feel like a big burden. An insurmountable task.

Perhaps you find excuses and do your household chores first. The kitchen still needs cleaning. The Christmas shopping list is waiting. And weren’t you going to call your friend?

Even experienced writers may need to trick themselves so they stop despairing and get on with their

How to Write Trustworthy Sales Copy (and Turn Maybes into Resounding Yeses)

Harvey Green thinks his sales copy is finally ready.

His research has been more in-depth than usual; and he’s weaved a variety of true benefits into his copy. He has checked his spelling, and replaced gobbledygook with meaningful phrases.

So that must be it. Phew.

Harvey smiles and imagines his writing teacher praising his efforts. He pours himself a glass of Rioja to celebrate, and takes the remainder of the evening off.

The next day, Harvey does a final check before publishing his copy. He imagines stepping into the shoes of a web visitor, and reads his copy aloud.