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4 Common Mistakes With Pronouns: Are You Tripping Up Your Readers, Too?

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Ever had a tiny pebble in your shoe?

You walk on because the pebble is so tiny, you hardly feel it. You don’t want to untie your shoelaces, take off your shoe, remove the tiny pebble, and then put your shoe back on. Too much hassle.

But after a while, the tiny pebble gets more irritating.

Flaky Content? Use These 8 Tips to Write Fascinating Articles With Substance

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I bet it has happened to you.

You read a headline, and full of anticipation you click through.

But the article is disappointing. Superficial. Without substance.

How to Engage and Delight Your Readers (So They’re Begging for More)

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Once upon a time there was a 42-year old girl.

She was stuck in her job. She was fed up with her 2-hour commute. And above all, she hated her boss.

Secretly, she started planning her escape.

How to Write With Clarity: A Simple 4-Step Method

How to Write With Clarity - thumbnail

It happens to the best writers sometimes.

We try to simplify our message. We do our best to write with clarity.

But when web visitors read our content, they get confused.

47 Headline Examples: Steal These Nifty Formulas From Popular Blogs

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Does writing headlines give you a headache?

It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

You’ve slaved over your blog post. You’ve shared your best tips. You want to help your readers.

But now you’re stuck.

Not Feeling Good Enough? Here’s How to Thrive in 2016

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Ever feel like you should do more?

Do you wonder whether you’re missing out?

When working online, it’s easy to get trapped in a cycle of not feeling good enough.

14 Metaphor Examples: How to Paint Vibrant Pictures With Your Words

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You know the feeling, don’t you?

You’ve poured all your energy into writing an article. You’ve shared your best tips. You’ve edited each sentence.

How I Turned 31 Measly Words Into a Valuable Blog Post

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Need to write another post?


Sometimes, the thought of writing induces a thumping headache.

Feeling a Little Rebellious? Ignore These 3 Writing Rules

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Feeling a little rebellious? Fed up with following rules?

Me, too.

4 Subtle Mistakes with Verbs: Don’t Make Readers Yawn and Editors Cringe

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Why should you care about verbs?

As long as you know your irregular verbs, you’re okay as a writer, right?

This post isn’t about boring grammar goofs.