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The 90% Rule of Being Productive, Feeling Better, and Achieving More

The 90 per cent rule thumbnail

Ever feel like everyone is faster than you?

As if you’re messing about, while everyone is launching new products, writing books, and blogging like maniacs?

Do other people not suffer from procrastination?

7 Tips to Woo Readers, Win Fans and Boost Business

business blogging tips thumbnail

Yeah, yeah.

The theory is simple (of course!).

You write blog posts. You entice readers to join your email list.

And voilà, you earn an opportunity to sell your products or services.

The Tricky Truth About Viral Content (and What Content You Really Really Need)

viral content thumbnail

Isn’t it all bloody hard work?

You’re tweeting, and circling, and pinning.

You’re slaving over your blog posts.

The 2-Step Method for Seducing Readers With Your Words

How to Seduce Readers with Your Words Thumbnail

Ever had this feeling?

You’re reading a text …

And you feel you’re wading knee-deep through mud.

How to Attract and Win Clients Online (Even If You’re a Newbie!)

How to Find Clients Online thumbnail

The stories sound great, don’t they?

The four-hour workweek. The 6-figure blueprint. The roadmap to overnight success.

But when you start marketing your business online, you soon feel overwhelmed.

How to Write a Sparkling ABOUT Page

how to write a sparkling about page thumbnail


Why is writing your own About page so damn hard?

As you can’t figure out what to write, you make a cup of tea.

13 Ways to Move Forward When Self-Doubt Sabotages Your Business Progress

Henrietta pushing elephant thumbnail

The internet is full of testosterone.

People with big lists. And large social media followings.

As a beginner this can feel huuuuugely intimidating.

17 Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts: How to Write Persuasive Content

17 copywriting do's and don'ts thumbnail

You studied several copywriting books.

And read blog post after blog post about writing.

But what about writing your own web copy?

Does it still feel like a struggle?

How to Be Interesting (Even When Life Seems Boring)

how boring is your content thumbnail

Yeah, yeah.

You’ve heard it before.

Add a splash of personality to your writing.

Because it helps you bond with your readers.

29-Point Blog Post Checklist: How to Seduce Your Readers to Buy

Blog post checklist thumbnail

At last, you’ve finished your next blog post.

Another late night.

You quickly look for an image on Flickr. You format your post in WordPress.