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How to Create a Must-Read Business Blog

Best Articles on Blog Writing

Business Blogging 101Do you feel your blogging efforts aren’t paying off?

Or perhaps you’re starting a blog, but unsure how?

In the articles below, you’ll learn how to plan your blog strategy, how to write each part of a blog post, and how to adopt the right process so you can write more (and faster!).

When you have a clear blog purpose and know how to help your readers, they’ll come back again and again to read your content. That’s how you grow your authority and build your business.

What are the benefits of a business blog?

A business blog helps attract and engage potential clients. A business blog helps you to:

  • Raise awareness of your company
  • Increase web traffic
  • Start a “conversation” with prospective clients
  • Develop your authority
  • Get readers to trust you and your advice
  • Build relationships as readers get to know you and like you
  • Gain an opportunity to sell

Want to blog with more flair? Scroll down for advice on how to tell stories, how to make your message sticky, and how to be original when you feel everything has been said already.

Best articles for beginning business bloggers

How to establish a regular blogging habitNew to blogging?

The articles below present a quick introduction to establishing a blogging routine and writing articles to engage your readers:

  • Blog strategy: How to Create a Must-Read Blog (Without Going Crazy!)
  • Blog purpose: The “Secret” to Attracting More Clients to Your Blog
  • Blog writing: How to write a good blog post super-fast (and the joy of slow-blogging)
  • Blogging habit: A 5-Step Plan for Writing Fresh Content Every Week (Even If You Don’t Have Time)
  • 29-point checklist: How to Create a Blog and Seduce Your Readers to Buy

Feel like you don’t have the authority to blog yet? Learn how to write with power and authority, even if you feel like a nobody (on Copyblogger)

The difference between copywriting and blog writing

Copywriting is writing sales copy: you want to encourage a reader to take a specific action, such as download a white paper, sign up for a newsletter, pick up the phone to talk to you, or buy your product.

Blog posts are educational and inspirational. A blog post doesn’t have an immediate sales objective, but it does have a marketing purpose. By sharing your knowledge, experience, and skills, you grow your authority. Once blog readers get to know you, like you, and trust you, it becomes easier to sell to them.

A perfect recipe for your blog writing

The perfect recipe for a business blog postA blog post consists of different parts:

  • Your headline needs to attract attention and arouse curiosity
  • Your opening paragraph should entice visitors to start reading
  • The main body of your post solves a problem, provides tips, and explains your ideas with clarity
  • Your final paragraph should encourage readers to implement your advice, and your subheads should turn scanners into readers

The articles below explain how to write each part of your post so you engage people from your first word to the last:

Most useful articles on writing the main body of your blog posts:

  • Clarity: A Simple 4-Step Method for Writing With Clarity
  • Substance: Flaky Content? Use These 8 Tips to Write Fascinating Articles With Substance
  • List posts: How to Write a List Post That Readers Like, Love and Share

A pain free blog writing process

A pain free blogging processDoes blog writing feel like an insurmountable task?

When you chop the writing process up in chunks, writing becomes more doable, and you might even write faster.

The articles below explain the different activities in blog writing—from generating ideas to editing your draft.

  • Ideas: 19 Blog Post Ideas to Spark Your Creativity and Inspire Your Writing
  • Outlining: How to Outline a Blog Post (and Create a Hypnotic Flow)
  • First drafts: How to Cherish Your Shitty First Drafts (And Get More Writing Done)
  • Revision: 5-Steps for Turning Rickety Writing into Shiny, Smooth Content
  • Case study: How I Turned 31 Measly Words Into a Valuable Blog Post

No time to write? Learn how these 4 routines cut my writing time by 50%.

Stuck in a blogging rut? Try these 17 prompts to spark a wave of creativity.

Dive deeper into advanced blogging techniques

How to engage blog readersDo your blog posts lack oomph?

The articles below help you write with style and substance so you can engage and inspire your readers.

  • Simplify: 5 Ways to Simplify Complex Ideas (and Communicate with Clarity)
  • Engage: How to Engage and Delight Your Readers (So They’re Begging for More)
  • Inspire: How to Be So Inspirational That Readers Get Addicted to Your Blog
  • Tell stories: How to Add Sparkle in 150 Words or Less
  • Sticky messages: How to Make Your Message Sticky (So Readers Remember It Forever and Ever)
  • Metaphors: How to Use the Persuasive Power of Metaphors
  • 14 metaphor examples: How to Paint Vibrant Pictures With Your Words
  • Empathy: How to Nurture Empathy for Your Readers (and Craft Messages That Resonate)
  • Find your blogging voice: The “secret” ingredient that turns casual blog readers into avid fans
  • Be original: How to Be Original as a Blogger (When Everything Has Been Said Already)

Want to turn your blog into a book? Check out these two articles:

In-depth resources on business blogging

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